Are You Merlin?

Are You Merlin?

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Are You Merlin Jokes Times

Chap – You’re Merlin aren’t you?

Merlin – Why yes’s nice to be recognised!

Chap – Bit of a Wizard ..I hear?

Merlin – Well Yes .. I’ve been told I’m skilled

Chap – Do tricks and things ..don’t ya.. Magical stuff?

Merlin – Magical … yes that’s correct

Chap – Turn Kings into Frogs ..and that sort of thing ..Is that right

Merlin – Well Yes ..I suppose I could Turn a King into a Frog!

Chap – Ever Mucked up ..Ya know, made a mistake?

Merlin – Well Yes …hasn’t everyone?

Chap – Can you reverse a curse?

Merlin – Yes I can … with knowledge of who applied the Curse and the actual words of enchantment, I could do it ….Why ?

Chap – I’m Cursed

Merlin – Really … and how long have you been bewitched?

Chap – Years…..

Merlin – Do you know the words spoken over you to lay this curse?

Chap – Yeah .. can’t forget them!

Merlin – What were they?

Chap – something like … Do you take this women to be your lawfully wedded wife…


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