Advertise on Jokes Times

Advertise on Jokes Times


Advertise your business on and increase your traffic to your site for a small budget. For a fixed advertising budget you set, your ad banners will appear on all advertisement slots on our website over a period of 3 months. Both of our advertisement slots are shared by all our official sponsored advertisers and one banner will be shown each time the page loads and banner shown depends on the probability.

Location of the 3 Ads Slots

The 3 advertisement slots on our website are:

  1. Ad slot on the right sidebar throughout the whole website (300px X 250px)
  2. Ad slot on the right sidebar in Jokes page near the bottom (300px X 250px)
  3. Ad slot in the content area in Home Page (728px x 90px)

Pricing for Advertisement on

The minimum fee for placing advertisements on is S$3.00 for a period of 3 months! Which is as low as S$1.00 for a month.

So, when advertising on, you do not have to worry about paying more than your budget as you have complete control over how much you are spending on the advertisements as the amount you set, will be the total amount you will be paying for that 3 months. You will be charge NOTHING more.

In yearly basics, each of our advertisement 3 months starts from:

  • 1st January to 31st March
  • 1st April to 30th June
  • 1st July to 31st September
  • 1st October to 31st December

How our Advertisement work

Advertisers will place their preferred budget / amount set for their advertisement for 3 months. The higher the amount is, the higher the probability of the ad banner will be shown. Two examples are shown below:

Example 1: For a certain 3 months, has 3 advertisers, A, B and C

  A B C Total
Budget Set S$3.00 S$4.00 S$5.00 S$12.00
Probability % 25% 33.5% 41.5% 100%

In the above example 1, Advertiser A will get a 25% probability of their ad shown in when a page loads. Advertiser B will get a 33.5% probability, and Advertiser C will get a 41.5% probability.

Example 2: For a certain 3 months, has 3 advertisers, D, E and F.

  D E F Total
Budget Set S$3.00 S$9.00 S$18.00 S$30.00
Probability % 10% 30% 60% 100%

In the above example 2, Advertiser D will get a 10% probability of their ad shown in when a page is loaded. Advertiser E will get a 30% probability, and Advertiser F will get a 60% probability.

Base on both the above examples, the probabilities of ads shown will basically calculated like these:

Ads budget amount divide by total amount from all advertisers times 100 percent.
Example 1: (3 / 12) X 100 = 25%
Example 2: (3 / 30) X 100 = 10%

Should you wish to have a high probability of displaying your ads, you can increase your bid for the next upcoming 3 months as each ads will last for the period of 3 months.

All ads banners fee above are in static images only. We do allow Gif animate banners or Flash interactive banners for the slots, but to keep all the sponsors fair, minimum fee for these formats will be as follow:

  • For all Gif animated banners, the minimum starting fee is S$9.00 for 3 months
  • For all Flash interactive banners, the minimum starting fee is $15.00 for 3 months

The probability for Gif animated and Flash interactive banners will be calculated as minimum starting fee to static banner minimum starting fee.

Payment Method

To make all transaction smooth and simple, accept payment via bank transfer to DBS/POSB bank.

To advertise on or have any enquiries, simply Contact Us and we will get back to you soon.